But now he knew best. That a boy child’s life is like an improvised explosive device that lies quietly and unwarily in wait of the perfect time to cause mayhem—manhood.


Levi was a man with a burdened heart. So much so that his shadow blanketed the entire table, as though about to bring it down with the weight of his endless troubles. Ever since he lost his job, Levi knew no luck. Aisha was only the culmination of his plight, and she’d hit where it hurt most. His ego.

From the embers

Howdy! It’s been a straight four months since I last posted something. Not that I decided to fold. Oh, no. It would be such a dreadful disservice to myself and my readers were I to call it quits. Unless of course my wits gave way, which isn’t about to happen, hopefully. Call it taking some…


Personally, I believe dad’s life was a demonstration of how God wants each of us to live. A life of faith, sacrifice, integrity, wisdom, humility, hard work, discipline, benevolence and justice.


I have learned to accept the good, the bad and the ugly in life, and cherishing every moment seems to be the only way to be sure about tomorrow.


From the word go, Aisha had not hidden her eccentricity from him. Their first meeting might have been uneventful, but he remembered as they were about to part ways she took an abrupt French leave on him before he finished talking, and he stood watching her strut off and wondered whether she had a hearing problem.


Aisha was a mysterious bombshell. To him, her personality was a maze which nobody could find a way out. Her eyes were like fireflies in the night, the only clue to what she represented. Aisha spoke, smiled and laughed even with her eyes. She blinked to say yes and no. When she looked into his eyes and emitted a flirty giggle, the shimmering laser in Levi’s eyes dwindled.


IT’S MORNING, two days after Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and buried. The soldier has been keeping guard as instructed. The Sanhedrin members have been wining and dining to celebrate the death of the blasphemer. Those who love him are still mourning. At sunrise, Mary Magdalene accompanies Mary the mother of James and Salome to…


  The sun breaks over Jerusalem’s eastern ridge. Peter, still on his knees, continues drowning in the depth of his sorrow, and reality begins to dawn on Judas Iscariot—the traitor. He realizes the damaging consequences of his actions. Jesus is paraded by a riotous crowd towards Pilate’s palace to face inevitable judgment. Blood and drool…


  It’s the wee hours of Friday, April 3, A.D 33. The day dawns with a promise of beautiful weather, a brilliant day. Today the tide will turn. The murderous schemes of Jewish priests will prevail. Jesus of Nazareth will be snubbed out. His charismatic power and appeal to the masses will be dismantled. The…